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Clean Air Act

Publications, Reports, and Fact Sheets

LRAPA publishes numerous press releases, fact sheets, and reports as the agency monitors and regulates air quality in Lane County. This page is a repository and archive of those informational resources.

Items on this page are available in Adobe .pdf format. If there is a need for a report or document older than January 1, 2020, please submit a records request on LRAPA’s records request webpage.

Press Releases

View LRAPA Press Releases From 2020 to Present
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01-24-2023 | Air stagnation in Lane County prompts yellow home wood heating days for Eugene, Springfield, and Oakridge DownloadPreview
05-31-2023 | Outdoor burning season ends early DownloadPreview
07-05-2023 | Air quality advisory for the Southern Willamette Valley due to the potential for smog DownloadPreview
07-20-2023 | LRAPA Announces Public Feedback and Satisfaction Survey DownloadPreview
07-24-2023 | Air quality advisory for Eastern Lane County DownloadPreview
07-27-2023 | Air quality advisory for extended Eastern Lane County DownloadPreview
07-31-2023 | Air quality advisory for extended Eastern Lane County DownloadPreview
08-05-2023 | Air Quality Advisory Issued as Priceboro Fire Sends Smoke Toward Eugene and Springfield DownloadPreview
08-11-2023 | Air quality advisory for this weekend Eastern Lane County DownloadPreview
08-13-2023 Air quality advisory extended in eastern Lane County through Tuesday evening, smoke impacts possible in Eugene and Springfield DownloadPreview
08-15-2023 Air quality advisory extended across Lane County through Thursday evening, smoke impacts in Eugene and Springfield will continue. DownloadPreview
08-20-2023 Air quality advisory extended in eastern Lane County through Tuesday afternoon, smoke impacts possible in Eugene and Springfield DownloadPreview
08-24-2023 Air quality advisory extended in eastern Lane County through Tuesday afternoon, smoke impacts possible in Eugene and Springfield DownloadPreview
08-25-2023 Air quality advisory issued for expanded to all of Lane County through Sunday afternoon, smoke impacts expected through the weekend DownloadPreview
08-27-2023 Air quality advisory continues for eastern Lane County into Tuesday DownloadPreview
09-11-2023 | Rivers to Ridges plans strategic ecological burns for 2023 in key areas of Lane County DownloadPreview
09-28-2023 | Delay in fall outdoor burning season until October 15 DownloadPreview
10-02-2023 | LRAPA Board names Susannah Sbragia as Agency's Acting Director DownloadPreview
10-30-2023 | LRAPA awarded nearly $1 Million EPA grant to build wildfire smoke resiliency in rural Lane County DownloadPreview
11-14-2022 | Yellow home wood heating days ahead for Eugene, Springfield, and Oakridge DownloadPreview
10-24-2022 | Wildfire season ends, smoky skies clear, and Outdoor Burning season begins in Lane County DownloadPreview
10-20-2022 | LRAPA extends an air quality advisory for Lane County through Monday DownloadPreview
10-17-2022 | LRAPA extends an air quality advisory for Lane County through Friday DownloadPreview
10-14-2022 | LRAPA extends an air quality advisory for Lane County through weekend and likely into next week DownloadPreview
10-10-2022 | Dry conditions continue to delay the fall outdoor burning season DownloadPreview
09-27-2022 | Fire season delays opening of the fall outdoor burning until Friday October 15th 2022 DownloadPreview
09-26-2022 | Oakridge-Westfir communities attain Clean Air Act standards for fine particle pollution DownloadPreview
09-23-2022 | LRAPA extends an air quality advisory for eastern Lane County due to wildfire smoke DownloadPreview
09-21-2022 | LRAPA extends an air quality advisory for eastern Lane County through Friday morning DownloadPreview
09-19-2022 | Wildfire smoke from the Cedar Creek fire will worsen air quality in Lane County through Wednesday morning DownloadPreview
09-08-2022 | A smoke intrusion will worsen air quality overnight; LRAPA issues an air quality advisory through Saturday DownloadPreview
09-05-2022 | Smoke impacts expected in eastern Lane County including the Eugene Springfield area DownloadPreview
07-26-2022 | Air quality advisory for the southern Willamette Valley due to smog. DownloadPreview
07-07-2022 | LRAPA begins air toxics monitoring in Oakridge DownloadPreview
06-14-2022 | Wednesday June 15 is the last day for spring outdoor burning in Lane County DownloadPreview
04-07-2022 | The Lane Regional Air Protection Agency secures $2.7 million in grant funding from the EPA to reduce wintertime air pollution in Oakridge. DownloadPreview
01-14-2022 | YELLOW home wood heating advisory for Eugene and Springfield Outdoor Burning banned through the weekend DownloadPreview
12-06-2021 | YELLOW home wood heating advisory for Eugene, Springfield, and Oakridge. DownloadPreview
09-29-2021 | Fire season delays opening of the fall outdoor burning until Friday, October 15th, 2021 DownloadPreview
09-03-2021 | Air Quality Advisory issued for Lane County through late Saturday due to wildfire smoke impacting parts of the region DownloadPreview
08-20-2021 | LRAPA’s September 8 community meeting on Seneca Sustainable Energy, LLC moved to a virtual format amid rising COVID hospitalizations DownloadPreview
08-13-2021 | Middle Fork Complex fire continues to degrade air quality in Lane County DownloadPreview
08-10-2021 | Air quality advisory issued for eastern Lane County due to smoke impacts from wildfires DownloadPreview
08-09-2021 | Seneca Sustainable Energy, LLC public meeting scheduled for September 8, 2021 DownloadPreview
08-02-2021 | Smoke will continue to impact Oakridge-Westfir for through at least Wednesday. DownloadPreview
06-25-2021 | Historic heatwave could result in reduced air quality this weekend DownloadPreview
06-14-2021 | Tuesday June 15 is the last day for spring outdoor burning in Lane County DownloadPreview
06-08-2021 | LRAPA publishes public survey and announces an air quality community meeting on June 15 DownloadPreview
04-22-2021 | Outdoor burning ban in Lane County extended through Friday due to increased fire risk DownloadPreview
04-14-2021 | Outdoor burning banned in Lane County due to increased fire risk from unseasonably windy and dry conditions DownloadPreview
03-31-2021 | Director Merlyn Hough to retire after 16 years of service, Steve Dietrich hired as LRAPAs new Director DownloadPreview
02-02-2021 | LRAPA Board of Directors seek public and stakeholder feedback on three finalists for Executive Director Position DownloadPreview
01-20-2021 | “YELLOW” Home Wood Heating advisory issued for EugeneSpringfield and Oakridge, stagnant air to linger through the holiday weekend DownloadPreview
10-27-2020 | “RED” smoke advisory issued for Oakridge, continued “YELLOW” advisory for Eugene Springfield DownloadPreview
10-26-2020 | YELLOW smoke advisory issued for EugeneSpringfield and Oakridge, Outdoor Burning prohibited in Oakridge and Lowell DownloadPreview
10-13-2020 | Outdoor Burning Season opens Tuesday Oct. 13 DownloadPreview
10-12-2020 | LRAPA Board of Directors approve temporary variance from some asbestos requirements for Holiday Farm Fire cleanup DownloadPreview
09-15-2020 | Wildfire smoke brings record poor air quality to Oregon, new data shows DownloadPreview
09-08-2020 | Air Quality Advisory for Oregon Coast, Willamette Valley, Southwest Washington, Southwest Oregon DownloadPreview
08-05-2020 | Air quality advisory statewide for Oregon DownloadPreview
05-01-2020 | LRAPA reminds drivers at self-serve stations to not top off their gas tanks DownloadPreview
04-09-2020 | LRAPA Board of Directors soften county wide ban on outdoor burning DownloadPreview
04-06-2020 | Outdoor burning banned in Lane County to temper respitory complications related to COVID-19 DownloadPreview
04-03-2020 | LRAPA ask Lane County residents to voluntarily refrain from outdoor burning DownloadPreview
03-25-2020 | LRAPA limits operations non-essential functions in response to COVID-19 DownloadPreview
03-17-2020 | LRAPA modifying operations due to COVID-19 pandemic DownloadPreview
03-16-2020 | Public Hearing for Seneca Sawmill Company permit action is postponed DownloadPreview

Fact Sheets

View Fact Sheets for Outdoor Burning, Asbestos & Home wood heating
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Director Reports

View Director Reports from 2020 to Present
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Enforcement Reports

View Enforcement Reports From 2020 to Present
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Annual Reports

View Annual Reports from 1968 to Present
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2022 LRAPA Annual Report DownloadPreview
2021 LRAPA Annual Report DownloadPreview
2020 LRAPA Annual Report DownloadPreview
2019 LRAPA Annual Report DownloadPreview
2018 LRAPA Annual Report DownloadPreview
2017 LRAPA Annual Report DownloadPreview
2016 LRAPA Annual Report DownloadPreview
2015 LRAPA Annual Report DownloadPreview
2014 LRAPA Annual Report DownloadPreview
2013 LRAPA Annual Report DownloadPreview
2012 LRAPA Annual Report DownloadPreview
2011 LRAPA Annual Report DownloadPreview
2010 LRAPA Annual Report DownloadPreview
2009 LRAPA Annual Report DownloadPreview
2008 LRAPA Annual Report DownloadPreview
2007 LRAPA Annual Report DownloadPreview
2006 LRAPA Annual Report DownloadPreview
2005 LRAPA Annual Report DownloadPreview
2004 LRAPA Annual Report DownloadPreview
2003 LRAPA Annual Report DownloadPreview
2002 LRAPA Annual Report DownloadPreview
2001 LRAPA Annual Report DownloadPreview
2000 LRAPA Annual Report DownloadPreview
1999 LRAPA Annual Report DownloadPreview
1998 LRAPA Annual Report DownloadPreview
1997 LRAPA Annual Report DownloadPreview
1996 LRAPA Annual Report DownloadPreview
1995 LRAPA Annual Report DownloadPreview
1994 LRAPA Annual Report DownloadPreview
1993 LRAPA Annual Report DownloadPreview
1992 LRAPA Annual Report DownloadPreview
1991 LRAPA Annual Report DownloadPreview
1988 LRAPA Annual Report DownloadPreview
1987 LRAPA Annual Report DownloadPreview
1986 LRAPA Annual Report DownloadPreview
1985 LRAPA Annual Report DownloadPreview
1984 LRAPA Annual Report DownloadPreview
1983 LRAPA Annual Report DownloadPreview
1982 LRAPA Annual Report DownloadPreview
1981 LRAPA Annual Report DownloadPreview
1980 LRAPA Annual Report DownloadPreview
1974 LRAPA Annual Report DownloadPreview
1972 LRAPA Annual Report DownloadPreview
1971 LRAPA Annual Report DownloadPreview
1970 LRAPA Annual Report DownloadPreview
1969 LRAPA Annual Report DownloadPreview
1968 LRAPA Annual Report DownloadPreview

Air Quality Attainment

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air permit

When EPA establishes a new national ambient air quality standard (NAAQS) or revises an existing NAAQS, it sets in motion two major actions aimed at ensuring that air quality throughout the country meets those standards:

1) EPA must designate areas as meeting (attainment) or not meeting (nonattainment) the standard; and

2) The Clean Air Act (CAA) requires states to develop State Implementation Plans (SIPs): a general plan to attain and maintain the NAAQS in all areas of the country, and a specific plan to attain the standards for each area designated nonattainment for a NAAQS.

LRAPA is responsible for crafting SIPs to meet and maintain NAAQS in Lane County. Below are the following plans for our area.

Eugene/Springfield Airshed:

Oakridge Airshed:





LRAPA monitors air quality throughout Lane County with eight regulatory-grade monitors and over 90 commercial-grade air sensors. Air Quality Index values are updated hourly.

Find the current air quality, look up the closest monitor to you, and learn more about the Air Quality Index (AQI) on the Current Air Quality Page.





LRAPA regulates the burning of wood and yard debris, known as “outdoor burning,” in Lane County. LRAPA also enforces home wood heating – such as fireplaces and wood stoves – opacity ordinances for the cities of Eugene, Springfield and Oakridge. Seasonal and daily restrictions can exist for both forms of burning. Check to see if there are any active burning curtailments in effect on the burning restrictions webpage.








LRAPA is responsible for issuing air permits to commercial and industrial operations with emissions above a certain threshold. Check to see if your business needs a permit by following our 5-step guide on our Permitting Overview webpage.




Asbestos is the name of a group of naturally occurring fibrous minerals that are heat-resistant, strong and extremely durable. Asbestos has historically been used in over 4,000 building products because of these properties.

Asbestos can cause lung cancer, asbestosis and mesothelioma. There is no safe level of exposure to friable asbestos.




LRAPA regularly solicits public comment on proposed agency actions such as rule changes, proposed air permits, and the agency’s annual budget. LRAPA also hosts monthly Board of Director and Citizen Advisory Committee meetings.

Learn more about these public comment window and public meetings on our News, Notices & Public Calendar webpage.







The physical environment is a crucial component of any individual’s health and well-being.  Every community needs access to safe air, land and water.  LRAPA has curated together a collation of topics commonly asked about by the community to provide information, important details, and connect interested community members with resources.

Explore the many topics of information on our Community Center webpage.








LRAPA is the local air authority responsible for monitoring Lane County’s air and administering programs that protect and improve air quality. LRAPA was founded in 1968 as an intergovernmental agreement between the cities of Springfield and Eugene. Today’s intergovernmental agreement includes Lane County and the cities of Cottage Grove, Eugene, Oakridge, and Springfield.