Air Quality Complaint Form

Air Quality Complaint Form

Clean air is an important component to a healthy community. LRAPA accepts, records, and investigates air quality complaints throughout Lane County. We respond to industrial complaints, fireplace and wood stove complaints, outdoor burning complaints, asbestos complaints, and more.

To file a complaint with LRAPA, fill out the form below. Please review the information here first to learn how to file an effective complaint.

LRAPA inspectors and compliance officers respond to complaints during business hours: Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm. Complaints received outside business hours will be follow-up on over the next business day.

Notice: your complaint is public record. As a public agency, LRAPA is required by our regulations and state law to provide access to your complaint if someone submits a request for it. A complainant’s identity will remain anonymous if the, “Please keep my information confidential. / Por favor, mantenga confidencial mi información.” box is checked.

Complaints may also be made by calling LRAPA’s Complaint Line at 541-726-1930.
También, se puede entregar quejas ambientales por llamar la línea de quejas de LRAPA a 541-726-1930.
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LRAPA monitors air quality throughout Lane County with eight regulatory-grade monitors and over 90 commercial-grade air sensors. Air Quality Index values are updated hourly.

Find the current air quality, look up the closest monitor to you, and learn more about the Air Quality Index (AQI) on the Current Air Quality Page.

LRAPA regulates the burning of wood and yard debris, known as “outdoor burning,” in Lane County. LRAPA also enforces home wood heating – such as fireplaces and wood stoves – opacity ordinances for the cities of Eugene, Springfield and Oakridge. Seasonal and daily restrictions can exist for both forms of burning. Check to see if there are any active burning curtailments in effect on the burning restrictions webpage.
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LRAPA is responsible for issuing air permits to commercial and industrial operations with emissions above a certain threshold. Check to see if your business needs a permit by following our 5-step guide on our Permitting Overview webpage.

Asbestos is the name of a group of naturally occurring fibrous minerals that are heat-resistant, strong and extremely durable. Asbestos has historically been used in over 4,000 building products because of these properties.

Asbestos can cause lung cancer, asbestosis and mesothelioma. There is no safe level of exposure to friable asbestos.

LRAPA regularly solicits public comment on proposed agency actions such as rule changes, proposed air permits, and the agency’s annual budget. LRAPA also hosts monthly Board of Director and Citizen Advisory Committee meetings.

Learn more about these public comment window and public meetings on our News, Notices & Public Calendar webpage.

The physical environment is a crucial component of any individual’s health and well-being.  Every community needs access to safe air, land and water.  LRAPA has curated together a collation of topics commonly asked about by the community to provide information, important details, and connect interested community members with resources.

Explore the many topics of information on our Community Center webpage.

LRAPA is the local air authority responsible for monitoring Lane County’s air and administering programs that protect and improve air quality. LRAPA was founded in 1968 as an intergovernmental agreement between the cities of Springfield and Eugene. Today’s intergovernmental agreement includes Lane County and the cities of Cottage Grove, Eugene, Oakridge, and Springfield.