What about recreational fires?

LRAPA rules exempt recreational fires used in designated recreational areas, such as parks, recreational campsites, campgrounds and on private property, except during the winter months between October and May when the mandatory "Home Wood Heating (HWH)" programs are in effect. During the HWH season, recreational fires are prohibited on Yellow and Red HWH advisory days. LRAPA rules do prohibit certain materials from being burned in recreational fires. Generally, dry firewood, manufactured presto-type logs and charcoal briquettes may be burned in recreational fires. Woody yard trimmings, grass clippings and leaves are not allowed burned, nor are other prohibited materials as defined by LRAPA rules. The prohibited materials include but not limited to, garbage, plastics, wire insulations, asbestos-containing materials, tires, automobile parts, asphalts, petroleum products, treated wood, rubber, or animal remains. In addition, fire districts and city/county ordinances may further restrict recreational fire use. Residents should contact their local fire departments and local city/county government to find out if recreational fires are allowed in their areas.

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2. What about recreational fires?