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LRAPA’s ambient air monitoring network provides comprehensive data on local air quality in Lane County, Oregon. LRAPA’s network currently consists of 8 sites including Eugene, Springfield, Saginaw, Cottage Grove, and Oakridge. Particulate matter, ozone, and meteorological parameters are monitored routinely. Occasional special studies are performed which may include other pollutants. This data is used to determine compliance with national ambient air quality standards and to provide information for program priorities and planning within LRAPA.

The Monitoring Site Map on this website provides information on LRAPA's current air quality monitoring sites.

This website contains historical and "real time" (past hour) scientific observations of ambient air pollutants and meteorological parameters collected in Lane County.

Facts regarding the monitoring data provided here:
  • This data may not have been through the quality assurance process and is not considered acceptable for official uses.
  • The time indicated for a data value is always in Pacific Standard Time (PST) and represents the hour begininng at that time.
  • New data is available approximately 10 to 15 minutes past the hour.
  • Ground level Ozone (O3) data is only collected seasonally, May through September.
A data request can be submitted by email to obtain data intended for official uses, or for a more complex request than may be performed through this website.

The Data Summary provides several tabular views of recent observations from monitoring sites.

The Data Graphing tool allows graphical plotting of the data provided here. This tool offers a variety of complex options and is intended for a more advanced user.

This website is supported by MDAS - the Monitoring and Data Analysis Section of the Lane Regional Air Protection Agency. MDAS provides technical services within LRAPA, primarily ambient air monitoring, data analysis and reporting, quality assurance, and computer support. 

Please feel welcome to send any comments you may have about this website.