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Lane Regional Air Protection Agency

Projects And Programs:
Everybody Wins

What is the Everybody Wins Program?

Photo of an installed APU.

Everybody Wins was created by the Lane Regional Air Protection Agency (LRAPA) as a project to reduce diesel emissions from heavy-duty trucks that idle in our community. The project was unveiled on September 30, 2004 as one of the EPA featured projects to reduce diesel emissions on the I-5 corridor. There are numerous public and private stakeholders who benefit from the environmental and economic gains that this project creates.

Diesel emissions from heavy duty truck idling have long been recognized as a large source of fine particulate pollution, and those fine particulates carry toxic chemicals that are associated with a host of respiratory illnesses. In response to the public health risks that the pollution from truck idling creates, the reduction of those emissions has become a priority for the EPA and for state and local air quality agencies.

Where can I get more information?

LRAPA has transferred this program to Cascade Sierra Solutions (CSS). You may contact CSS directly by calling 541-302-0900 or visit their website http://www.cascadesierrasolutions.org/financing.aspx for more information about SmartWay equipment upgrades and other services.