Metals Emissions in Portland

April 2016:
Proposed temporary emission rule

To sign up for updates and for more information about what we know right now and what happens next, visit the new joint agency website: Safer Air Oregon.

March 2016:
There have been incorrect reports that there are currently no federal regulations that limit levels of metal emissions from glass making facilities. For the current federal regulations please see the following links:

National Emission Standard for Inorganic Arsenic Emissions From Glass Manufacturing Plants: NESHAP Subpart N

National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants for Glass Manufacturing Area Sources: NESHAP Subpart 6S

February 2016:
There is an ongoing collaboration in Portland to investigate the high levels of cadmium and arsenic found in some air quality monitoring data. These levels have been identified in the SE and N Portland areas. Preliminary observations have narrowed the source of metal emissions to Bullseye Glass Company in Southeast Portland. Many partners including the Department of Environmental Quality, Oregon Health Authority, City of Portland, and various community members are collaborating to find solutions to the situation. For more information about the Portland situation, please visit the Oregon Health Authority's website.  

To ensure public safety and awareness, LRAPA has been following as the situation unfolds in Portland. The metals are believed to be released during the glass manufacturing process. There are no glass manufacturers of the same or bigger size or scope as Bullseye Glass in Lane County. LRAPA has been following up with local, small glass studios, schools, and hobby shops to learn more about the different types of glass art processes and to see if there are any points of concern. This is an ongoing study and LRAPA will keep the public informed and updated on any developments or causes for concern.

If you are aware of glass manufacturing in your area or have concerns about metal additive use in glass work, please contact Jo Niehaus at LRAPA at 541-736-1056 ext. 217.

For more information about the current metal emission situation in Portland:
- Oregon State Department of Environmental Quality
- Oregon Health Authority or call  971-673-0185