Backyard Burning Advisory

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This spring, backyard burning will open on March 1 and close June 15. The Lane County Fire Defense Board can close spring open burning early, if conditions are too dry and raise fire danger. This date is subject to change if hot and dry conditions continue. Please check before burning. Open burning is always prohibited inside Eugene city limits, Florence city limits, and in Springfield city limits if you live on less than half an acre.

Not sure if you live in Coastal Lane County? Check out our map.

Backyard Burning Advisory History
Backyard Burning Program
LRAPA regulates open burning in Lane County to minimize impacts of smoke in the local airshed. LRAPA has a Backyard Burning Program to let people know when and if outdoor burning is allowed in their areas. The regulations differ depending upon location, local city and county ordinances and LRAPA rules. Most metropolitan areas are limited to a burn season, but the season may vary from area to area. In addition, local fire districts may enforce further limitation on burn seasons. For example, the Siuslaw Valley Fire District requires burn permits (get it free online) for all backyard burns. Read on to find out why...

Fine Examples
Illegal Backyard Burning Doesn't Pay... Unless you're collecting the fines.*

$4,200 Assessed Fine

Burning Garbage, Tires, Furniture, Treated Wooed, etc., on a Non-Burn Day

$3,500 Assessed Fine

Burning Tires, Asphalt Roofing, Wiring, Carpeting, Appliances, Railroad Ties, Insulation, Etc.

$500 Assessed Fine

Burning Household Garbage

$140 Assessed Fine

Burning Legal Materials on a Non-Burn Day
Burning Garbage, Tires, Furniture, Treated Wood, etc. on a Non-Burn Day
Burning Tires, Asphalt, Roofing, Wiring, Carpeting, Appliances, Railroad Ties, Insulation, etc.
Burning Household Garbage
Burning Legal Materials
on a Non-Burn Day
*By state statute, fees collected by LRAPA as civil penalties are remitted to the Lane County general fund.

Daily Burning Advisory

The agency provides the community with a daily backyard burning advisory. However, it is the citizens responsibility to check local regulations regarding their specific area.
  • Generally residents who can burn may burn woody yard debris that has been generated on their own property. They may not bring in materials from other locations to burn.
  • All burning must be constantly attended until extinguished.
  •  No burn shall create a public nuisance or hazard.
  • No burn shall contain prohibited materials, including but not limited to, garbage, plastics, wire insulation, asbestos-containing materials, tires, automobile parts, asphalts, petroleum products, treated wood, rubber, or animal remains.
  • Open Burning Letter Permits may be issued in some instances for burning outside the scope of this program. The application for a letter permit must be made in writing to LRAPA using LRAPA's "Request for Open Burning Evaluation (PDF)" form.

Non Regulated Items / Areas

LRAPA does not regulate:

Fire Season Restrictions

 For more information about running power equipment, fireworks, restrictions and closures, please call your local fire district or the Oregon Department of Forestry office or enter your address to look up on their website. Total bans, including recreational, ceremonial, and cooking fires are common during EXTREME fire danger levels.