The Lane Regional Air Protection Agency (LRAPA) sponsors special projects to address specific air quality problems that have been identified as local, regional or national issues. The special projects related to cleaning up diesel exhaust are part of the EPA's National Clean Diesel Campaign. Access the project titles below for more information about each.
  1. Public Education

    LRAPA believes that public education is an integral part of any program if lasting behavioral changes to reduce air pollution are to occur.

  2. Supplemental Environmental Projects (SEPs)

    A SEP is an environmentally beneficial project funded by a company or individual to mitigate part of a civil penalty assessed by LRAPA.

  3. Asbestos Program

    asbestos program

  4. Home Wood Heating

  5. Wildfire Information

    Wildfire Information

  6. Electric Vehicle Program

    LRAPA's Electric Vehicle program promotes workplace charging, additional stations along the West Coast Highway, rebates for EV owners, and all aspects of zero-emission, sustainable transportation.

  7. Radon in Lane County